• 600 Series

    600 Series

    "Automatic™" Motor Base that Automatically Compensates for Variations in Load

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Welcome to PermaTORQ
Specializing in Automatic Motor Bases for the HVAC industry

If you build, use or maintain electrically powered machinery, you are likely to encounter a variety of motor mounting systems. Every electric motor requires one. It may be simple or complex, fixed or adjustable, small, medium or very large.

At Permatorq, these systems are our specialty and our only business mission. We specialize in the 600 series "Automatic"™ Motor Base - a base that offers outstanding weight reduction and cost savings, together with far greater design flexibility and greater reliability.

At Permatorq Automatic Motor Bases have been field tested and are ideal for applications in the HVAC environment. including: Make up air units, Air handlers, Roof top Packaged units, Fans, Blowers. As a matter of fact, any electrically powered belt driven machine can benefit from having an automatic motor base installed.

Features include:

  • • Extends the life of belts and motor bearings by 3 to 5 times
    • Increases energy efficiency
    • Maintains optimal belt tension for peak performance
    • Quick, easy and less frequent belt adjustments
    • Reduces the time invested in routine maintenance
    • Spring controlled tension eases the burden on belts and bearings
    • Allows for dynamic belt tensioning during operation.
  • The space saving pancake design is spring loaded to virtually eliminate maintenance. Belt tension is automatically adjusted while operating under any load, constant or variable. Operates in any position, clockwise or counter clockwise, and maintains rated speeds while increasing belt and bearing life.

    Permatorq stands ready to meet your motor base requirements with our premier 600 series (which is stocked). Special versions or custom designs are available to solve a specific motor mounting challenge. Don't hesitate to contact us!