Automatic Motor Bases Save $1,000's in Energy and More

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As a partner with the leading North American manufacturer of motor mounting products, we contracted with a certified motor and drive testing laboratory, for a series of energy consumption tests, comparing our line of Automatic Motor Bases to standard adjustable motor bases. The testing results show a definite savings in energy when using Automatic Motor Bases.

The comparison testing certifies that the Automatic Motor Base more efficiently transfers energy from the motor to the driven unit. The range of energy savings depends on the work load required by the driven unit. According to test results, the range of energy reduction was from 1.1% for a constant load fan and up to 4.0% for a rock crusher. Based on these percentages, Automatic Motor Base savings could be from $385 to $10,212 per motor over five years.

Adding to the above energy savings, the Automatic Motor Base further reduces energy consumption by self-adjusting to maintain optimum belt tension and peak running efficiency. By contrast, when belts stretch on a standard motor base, it results in belt slippage and energy losses.

Beyond energy savings, the Automatic Motor Base has many mechanical benefits that curtail ongoing maintenance expenses. The Automatic’s spring controlled belt tension practically eliminates the need to re-tension belts. Proper belt tension also extends the life cycle of belts, pulleys and motor bearings. Belt changes are quick and easy as a single drive screw moves the entire motor to install a new belt and set tension. The need to re-align pulleys is eliminated on any size motor or type of work load.